Different materials printing webbing dyeing technology and process

  Different materials printing webbing dyeing technology and process

  Dyeing technology with material resolution:

  1. Polyester

  Polyester fiber characteristics (fine) - hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing - selected dyes - disperse dyes - temperature - (hot melt dyeing) 190 degrees Celsius - (high temperature and high pressure method) 130 degrees Celsius.

  2. Nylon (protein commodity)

  Nylon fiber characteristics (with reactive functional groups) - steaming technology - selected dyes - (weak) acid dyes - temperature - 100 degrees Celsius.

  3. Cotton finished (cellulose fiber)

  The basic technology and process of dyeing workshop

  1. Polyester fiber

  Pre-Bake - Pre-Bake - Pre-Bake - Pre-Bake - Pre-Bake (Infrared) - High Temperature Bake - After Washing (Recovery and Cleaning) - After Drying - Falling.

  Infrared pre-bake effect:

  Dye molecules began to attach to the fiber, to prevent color and other problems presented.

  High temperature baking effect:

  So that the dye molecules into the fiber inside, the end of the dye dye on the process.

  Restore the effect of cleaning:

  So that the remaining dye molecules to break down to ensure that the color fastness of goods.

  2. nylon fiber

  Incoming - color tank - steam from the steam - after washing - after drying - with the band

  Steaming effect:

  So that the acid dye molecules with the fiber in the corresponding functional groups to respond to the end of acid dye dyeing process.

  Washing effect:

  Remove the dye molecules that do not respond thoroughly, printing webbing and ensure the color fastness of the goods.