Fabric Type

Fabric Type: Synthetic fiber functional fabrics. It is often processed in some cotton printing or dyeing mills or silk mills. It includes the use of functional fiber, such as bamboo charcoal fiber, bamboo raw fiber, chitin fiber, moisture-absorbing fast-drying fiber, composite fiber, such as a variety of functional fiber, the functional finishing, such as soft, moisture, breathable, fluffy, flame-retardant, ventilation, etc., or for functional coating treatment. Typical fabrics include: polyester and nylon fabric by nano-ventilation finishing and carbon grinding, the function is significant, feel slippery waxy, suitable for professional wear and casual wear series.
Polyester and nylon fabric by coating finishing, with imitation cotton feel, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable, breathable, and has anti-ultraviolet function. PTT sports fabric, it has good feel, color fastness, elasticity and anti-fouling performance. And good skin touch, excellent moisture wicking performance. Knitted functional fabrics-including health-care functional fabrics: such as bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics (moisture absorption and perspiration, adsorption odor, antibacterial, nano-silver fiber fabric (antibacterial, and do not change the fiber color, washable, sun-resistant, high temperature), anion aromatic fabric (fragrance, antibacterial), germanium fiber fabric (heat preservation, promote blood circulation, anti-fatigue), Anti-enzyme antibacterial fabrics (using Chinese herbal medicine, plant spices, such as natural dyes and treatment agents, processed natural knitted fabrics anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-mite mildew), pearl fiber fabrics (skin care, fire sepsis, and luster, feel Good). Protective function Fabric: such as moisture wicking fabric (CoolMax, coolplus, Cleancool, etc.), warm fabric (absorption of heat-absorbing zirconium carbide, moisture-absorbent heating fiber, etc.), air conditioning fiber fabrics (adjust temperature, maintain constant temperature), radiation-resistant fabrics (outer layer for the metal blended fibers, the inner layers for natural fibres), Easy Care fabric (waterproof, oil-proof, fabric, low-temperature plasma treatment; anti-pilling fabric, nano-silica sol treatment, protective functional fabrics, stainless steel fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber wool fabric has a permanent anti-static, radiation-proof function; The wool fabric with metal core-spun yarn has special folds, zonal morphological memory and anti-radiation.