How to choose ceramic Knife

How to choose ceramic Knife:

Ceramic Knife Market Mixed, true and false difficult to argue, making many consumers suffer from deception, suffer damage, then, know how to identify ceramic knives is particularly important.
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First, look at the surface: high-quality Ceramic knife surface smooth, its light can be Kam, no flaws, fine texture, feel comfortable, high toughness, blade thick.
Inferior ceramic knife surface stains more, have gray point, crack, pinhole, feel rough, blade thinner. Second, look at the blade: High quality ceramic knife open edge line bright fine, uniform.
The ceramic knife with low quality has a coarse width, uneven and intermittent.
Third, look at the details: The real ceramic knife very attention to detail, in its back, tip, knife head have been carefully polished and round treatment, effectively avoid the use of defamation of hand phenomenon.

Four, see material: Ceramic knife material is zirconia powder. The high quality ceramic knife is made of zirconia powder with larger particle diameter, so the blade will show a sharp sawtooth shape.and the quality of ceramic knife its zirconia purity is also relatively high, high purity of the powder to make the blade looks like the jade, mellow pure, and inferior ceramic knife because of zirconia powder mixed with aluminum powder, blade light sense dark mute, even have black spots.
Five, touch the blade: Under the premise of ensuring safety, with finger nails gently press the blade, high-quality ceramic knife will not be fragmented, and the inferior ceramic knife will not withstand a small pressure and cracking.
Six, try sharp: the ceramic knife to the paper cutting, good ceramic knife not only the cutting process smooth and easy, but also can cut the paper very fine, but the bad ceramic knife will appear obvious blocking sense, cutting out of the line is more coarse.
Seven, anti-fall: If accidentally let ceramic knife fall from the kitchen stage, high-quality ceramic knife will not break or collapse mouth, inferior is not. High-quality ceramic knife raw materials scarce, difficult to exploit, knife billet processing technology complex, polished skilled, quality inspection clearance. Because of its production cost is higher, so the price is more expensive, but "a penny a penny", the value of goods, trustworthy, and therefore also by the vast number of consumers enthusiastic attention.