How to quickly distinguish between webbing quality?

  How to quickly distinguish between webbing quality?

  We sometimes in the purchase of webbing, will encounter a variety of problems, first of all quality is our most concerned about a topic. So how do we buy the webbing to determine its quality?

  Believe that we all see a webbing, the first will certainly see his appearance, whether we look at people or see things, the first impression is very important, which is transmitted from the eyes over. We first look at the surface of the webbing is smooth and neat, if you look furry, give us the impression that the webbing is certainly not handled properly, the quality is certainly not good, in fact, is indeed the case.

  Second, the lattice of the two sides of the webbing, is the collection of parts, the production side of the big side of a small phenomenon, this in the process, called the size of the side, are bad products. Generally do not notice. There are we can under normal circumstances to measure the width of the different parts of the webbing, the error is too large, the quality is not good, the general error within 1mm, especially narrow, such as 3mm, 6mm error will be controlled within 0.5mm.

  Third, we see a webbing, it will be picked up, carefully observed, get the hands of the webbing will feel a sense of the knee. If the general webbing, feel good, smooth touch, stretch the overall shape to maintain consistency, the quality is relatively better. But there are some webbing can not be used to determine the touch, such as gold, silver onion belt itself is rough, and webbing material is different, the touch will be different.

  Fourth, we buy the webbing will certainly have most of the need for printing and processing, carefully look at the printed pattern is solid, whether to adapt to their own product needs.

  Fifth, the color fastness of the webbing, but all the textiles, if there are different colors, certainly used in color fastness, we from the usual case to touch the white paper will fade, in the case of washing will Fade, in the case of high temperature washing to fade, to determine the quality of the webbing, and in the case of acid and alkali will fade, such as saliva is a little bit acidic, you can test it, generally do not fade on adults or children no harm.

  Sixth, the weight of the webbing, different weight on behalf of so many webbing with the number of materials, the number of materials on behalf of the factory production costs.

  Seventh, the price of webbing, is the so-called price of a sub-goods, not unreasonable, we can try to figure out their own.