Nylon Ribbon Application field, process knowledge

Nylon Ribbon Application field, process knowledge

Widely used in fashion, casual wear, sportswear, women's clothing, maternity clothes, underwear, denim clothing, men's, children's wear, sweaters, leather garments, down clothing, home textiles, sofas, footwear, gift packaging, hats, tag badges, bags, Chinese knot (rope), decorations, lanyard jewelry, pet supplies, lighting, curtains,
Electronic products (headphone rope), environmental protection bags, automotive supplies, bookmark functions, hair ornaments, diy handmade jewelry, embroidery industrial materials, Chinese traditional festivals, emotional tokens (gifts), and so on.

Nylon Ribbon Process knowledge

  1. The use of imported raw materials, through polyester and rubber flex weaving technology, the leading first dyeing and weaving process.

  2. Gorgeous color, soft, delicate texture, light and barren, high washing fastness, dry friction, not fade, does not contain azo dyes.

  3. Product certification: Products through Oeko-tex STANDARD 100, EU reach test, the National Textile Center product testing, its national standard ecological certification. 4. Product quality: The product does not contain azo, washable, wear resistance, weak acid, alkali resistance are many brand apparel refers to the high-quality ribbon products.
    Fully in line with the European Union, Japan, the United States and other countries of the industry environmental requirements, quality in the world's leading position. 5.
    Product standards: Through the relevant national requirements, and reached the polyester first dyed after weaving, light Liang not raising, the entire volume without knot (30M, custom-made products) of the world first-class technology.