Some aspects of ribbon dyeing are affected

Some aspects of ribbon dyeing are affected:
 (1) The quality of semi-finished product fabric structure, latitude and longitude density, warping tension and thickness, and many other differences will result in chromatic aberration. Due to the difference of production efficiency of loom and dyeing machine, the color difference occurs when the different weaving machines are dyed in the same dyeing machine and even different batches of webbing are dyed in the same dyeing machine.
In order to minimize the effect of color difference on chromatic aberration, weaving and dyeing must be coordinated and integrated into production planning, and the inventory management of the billet belt should be done as far as possible, so as to achieve "advanced first out".

(2) The machine management baking oven should be regularly repaired and maintained to ensure the normal operation of heating equipment (such as heating pipe, burner, etc.), normal heating and temperature control. In the actual production process, but also to keep the inside of the air duct flow and screen cleaning. The dyeing machine enters the belt installment to the Billet belt tension adjustment is very important, enters the dyeing trough front billet belt tension to be basically consistent, can guarantee its with the liquid rate consistency, thus guarantees the color consistency. It is also important to control the tension exerted by the dyeing machine on the ribbon.
Because the weaving belt dyeing machine generally uses the frequency conversion control the way to adjust the entire dyeing machine the tension, therefore must ensure each process point frequency conversion control signal normal, for the malfunction device must renovate in time.

(3) The selection of compatibility of dye material with dyes has a great effect on the positive and negative complexion difference of the ribbon. When different formulations produce the same color number, the difference between the positive and negative complexion of the ribbon is large. General choice of sublimation fastness and type (S, SE, E-type) of the same or similar disperse dyes for compatibility, dyeing effect better.
In addition, the prevention of swimming agents, osmotic agents and leveling agents, such as auxiliary use of auxiliaries, dyeing color difference control also has a certain effect, but need to be used rationally.
In combination with the above, we need to pay attention to several points:

(1) The factors such as roll pressure, uniformity of solid color temperature of baking oven, infrared baking temperature, moisture content and quality concentration of anti swimming agent all affect the chromatic aberration of continuous hot-dissolving dyeing of polyester ribbon. General Choice Roll pressure 0.
2MPa, baking oven temperature left middle-right difference not more than 2 ℃, infrared baking temperature 100 ℃, prevent the quality of the swimming agent is not more than g/l, the billet before treatment to fully dry to effectively control the color of ribbon dyeing.

(2) The quality of the billet, the management of the machine table and the formula of the dye material also have important influence on the color difference control. In the process of hot-dissolving dyeing of polyester ribbon, the system should control the consistency of the quality of the billet, do the maintenance and maintenance of the machine in time, and use the dyes and auxiliaries rationally to get a good dyeing effect.