webbing material and performance how to choose

  webbing material and performance how to choose

  If the webbing fabric material and the webbing itself does not match the material, so the shrinkage rate will be different. The second, and may be related to work, work processes such as webbing in the collar circle, sleeve circle and other parts of the curvature is relatively large, this will lead to shrink.

  ① According to the webbing printing, printing the price of the type of webbing material used screen selection. webbing selection, respectively, according to fiber fabric, paper products, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, wood products, electronic products, such as several categories to choose to use.

  ② According to the nature of the printing ink slurry selection of different colors of the screen have different adaptation characteristics. So in the selection of the screen to consider the ink drying time and color sharpness, the ink absorption capacity of the substrate and other factors.

  ③ According to the printing screen material and performance selection screen selection to consider the material and physical properties of the screen itself, according to the different adaptability to select the appropriate screen as the printing material used.

  ④ According to the printing webbing to be marked with a webbing, the choice to test the printing speed, printing pressure, printing plate resistance to India, the substrate absorption capacity.

  There have been several ways to select a webbing. However, the choice of webbing printing, printing processing of the screen is not a simple question. In addition to considering the screen, but also to consider the cost of ink, substrate and other related to the various constraints. Enjoy the selection of the method and pay attention to the relevant issues, choose the appropriate screen to be handy.