What are the advantages of nylon webbing?

NYLON STRETCH WEBBING.jpgNylon webbings are widely used in fashion, casual wear, sportswear, women's wear, maternity clothing, underwear, denim, men's wear, children's wear, sweaters, leather garments, down garments, home textiles, sofas, footwear, gift wraps, hats, etc.

Nylon webbing can also be specially fixed, jacquard, thermal transfer, softening, etc., and can also process various nylon webbing according to customer requirements. Nylon webbing has high strength, is not easy to break, has poor hygroscopicity, poor elasticity, and strong dyeing performance. It can be colored at low temperature, but the light resistance is poor. The color of the light will change and the strength will decrease. It will shrink and burn white smoke. It has an ammonia smell. Nylon ribbon has bright color, soft handfeel, fine texture, no blemish, high washing fastness, strong dry friction, no fading, no azo dye.

Nylon is also called nylon. Nylon webbing is mainly made of nylon filament, nylon shaped filament, nylon high-elastic yarn, nylon semi-dull filament and other materials. Its texture can be divided into flat pattern, herringbone pattern, embossed pattern, satin, rib, plaid, dot pattern, etc. Currently, the nylon webbing is cited on the market for higher-end webbing.