What are the advantages of polyester webbing?

HAMMOCK STRAP WEBBING.jpgPolyester webbing is a general term for blended fabrics of pure tanned cotton and polyester, with polyester as the main component. The characteristics of polyester webbing are not only the style of polyester but also the strength of cotton fabric. In the dry and wet conditions, the elasticity and wear resistance are good, the size is stable, the shrinkage rate is small, and the polyester webbing is straight and not wrinkled. Easy to wash, quick-drying features, mainly used in women's clothing, belts, belts, cotton woven bags and other products.

Polyester webbing has high strength, strong impact resistance, not easy to break, good heat resistance, good wear resistance, poor hygroscopicity, strong light resistance, not easy to fade, poor color occupation, not easy to color under low temperature dyeing, high temperature dyeing, burning It emits black smoke, has an odor, and has less water shrinkage.

Polyester webbing has to go through multiple processes in the production process. In this process, due to various reasons such as raw materials, production processes, operations, etc., there are often differences in the color of different batches and even the same batch of fabrics. The difference in the color of the fabric, if the color source is different, the color environment, the color time is different, the evaluation of the color difference is also different. Therefore, in order to accurately evaluate the difference in color and ensure the consistency of the color results, when visually assessing the color, the color matching of the source specified by the merchant must be selected in the standard color light box to avoid visually causing the light source to be non-standard or different. The difference.