What is the development of tactical belts?

Tactical Belt.jpgThe tactical belt in the military sense appeared in the cold weapon era. It was first seen in the Spring and Autumn Warring States of China and the ancient Greek era in Europe. The large tactical belt was used to tie and fix the scales around the waist. Then the various armor of the Eastern and Western Dynasties also need to be used with leather belts. The tactical belt is often equipped with a wider cloth or leather substrate to prevent sliding on the armor.

In modern times, the armor was gradually eliminated by the musket, but the tactical belt was retained for the mounting of short weapons, handcuffs, gunpowder pots, and so on. The military belt in the modern sense began in the late 19th century. After the Civil War, the US military began to adopt a canvas belt. Compared with the traditional leather belt, the cotton canvas belt facilitates large-scale standardized production and meets the needs of modern military large-scale equipment.

The tactical waist has various types such as buckles and pin buckles. Common tactical belts use a single- or double-needle Japanese-style belt head, and the belt is fixed with a pin. The US Army has developed a unique brass belt head with a sliding locking lever. The inside of the belt head has a sliding rod that can move in the guide groove on the side of the belt head. The rolling rod will follow the canvas belt. Roll in the groove and lock it tightly to secure the belt.