What is the development of webbing?

Waistband Webbing Soft Elastic Webbing.jpgThe webbing industry is an industry with a large amount of chemical products. With the collection of environmental taxes, the upward pressure on upstream costs is very high. If combined with other cost factors, such as logistics costs, raw material costs, labor costs, etc. The overall cost increase of the company is inevitable.

Due to the national green environmental protection policy, the webbing industry will have a significant improvement in the environmental protection of the technical environment. In terms of materials, new environmentally friendly varieties are constantly being applied and dazzling. In terms of technical processes, environmental indicators for inks, dyes, and additives are becoming more and more demanding. For example, inks tend to be ink-based, and solvent-based printing inks are gradually being phased out. Various types of process technologies are becoming more and more standardized, such as changes in water-based ink production conditions, and dyeing and water-free dyeing technology is in the ascendant.

The webbing industry is considered by many people to be the sunset industry. In fact, the technology of the webbing industry can be said to be changing with each passing day. The combination of intelligence and Internet technology has just begun, and no one is ready to go! At present, the advanced spinning mill, due to the use of the most advanced equipment, application of intelligence and Internet technology, the ribbon industry is said to be a high-tech enterprise is truly worthy of the name!