What is the function of the fireproof webbing?

Fireproof Webbing.jpgFireproof webbing, also known as flame retardant webbing. The fireproof webbing has a low fire point, good flame retardant effect, is not easy to ignite, is separated from the fire, and has a waterproof function to achieve a permanent flame retardant effect. Compared with the non-flame line, the fire will see a clear difference.

There are two kinds of fireproof webbing, which are divided into pre-dyed yarn processing and webbing finished product processing. Among them, the effect of fire treatment before dyeing the yarn is the best, but the cost performance is also higher. There is also a kind of Kevlar webbing that has fire and high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance of 300 degrees or more, and permanent flame retardant.

The fireproof webbing has an extremely high strength. The fireproof webbing has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, good mechanical properties and good dielectric properties. Fireproof ribbons are used in military fire protection and safety protection.