What is the history of kevlar webbing?

Kevlar is a brand name on aramid fiber that was introduced to the market by dupont in 1965. Kevlar ribbon is a new composite material that is made of kevlar brand products. It combines high strength and light weight. It is a steel wire under the same weight. Double strength, 2.5 times strength of e-grade glass fiber, and 10 times strength of aluminum.

1. High tensile and high tensile function

2. Low elongation, high modulus, high breaking strength

3. High temperature resistance, flame resistance, no melting, no combustion, only carbonization

4. High chemical resistance, high stability, and resistance to creep

5. Low thermal expansion coefficient

6. Low specific gravity

7. Electrical insulator


Kevlar webbing also has excellent temperature resistance, not only can be used continuously in the temperature range of minus 196 degrees to plus 204 degrees without obvious change or damage; it also has insolubilization, fire resistance, only the carbonization characteristics at 427 degrees, even at a low temperature of minus 196 degrees, did not cause brittleness and loss of performance, and could withstand excellent temperature resistance of a short time contact with a temperature of up to 538 degrees.

Kevlar webbing is widely used in industrial conveyor belts, safety belts, outdoor sports products because of its unique high tensile strength and low density.

kevlar ribbon