What is the reflective material of the printing webbing?

  What is the reflective material of the printing webbing?

  In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the importance of security has increased, printing webbing has also been more and more people understand, the general public also recognized that reflective material is a role for everyone Things, first of all we say that reflective materials are what: reflective material, including reflective film, reflective cloth, reflective hot posts, elastic reflective cloth, reflective lattice, reflective silk, reflective, reflective tape, reflective heat transfer, reflective yarn , Printing webbing and other products.

  Printing webbing is also called reflective heat transfer, is generally used in a variety of clothing, home textiles, fabrics, the process is rather special, through the ironing machine or iron in the high temperature conditions in the clothing and fabric, waiting for cooling after the protective film Cold pressing time: 5-10 seconds, the pressure of hot pressing is generally about 4.5-9KG, to be cooled after the end of the paper tear off the end of the tape The

  Printed webbing meets the needs of various conditions. Here we share for you the relevant knowledge of printing webbing!

  Printed webbing with a unique reflective performance, suitable for work at night uniforms to prevent life from accidental injury, suitable for all kinds of fabrics, the general labor service, factory clothes, high-end trademark selection.

  This kind of printing webbing in the day with its bright colors play a clear warning role, reflective yarn at night or lack of light in the case of its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's ability to identify, see the target, causing alert, So as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses, become an indispensable safety guardian of road traffic, has a clear social benefits.