What is the use of the mens casual belts?

The belt used to tie the waist, the belt. If it is leather, the proverb is also called a belt. In early chinese clothing, many buttons were not used, and only a few small belts were sewed at the placket to tie them.

Common men's belts can be roughly divided into different types according to the buckle: Pin buckle belt, buckle belt and automatic buckle belt.

The pin buckle belt is fastened with a pin through the belt. Its structure is simple and reliable, and its style is diverse. There are different styles of dress and casual. Its formal style is the standard mix of modern suits, also known as the classic belt, which appears in many national occasions and business occasions. Casual style pin buckle belts are simple and versatile, with a variety of styles.

The automatic buckle belt is a belt that is fastened by a spring or a magnetic mechanical structure. Divided into two types of toothed and toothless automatic buckle. The main feature is that the buckle is fast and the tension is easy to adjust. But it is mainly suitable for casual occasions.

The buckle belt, also known as the buckle belt or the smooth buckle belt, is mainly fastened by the nipple nail on the buckle inserted into the belt with a hole. The buckle is convenient, the structure is simple, and the belt wear is small. Mainly suitable for casual occasions.

With the recognition of the belt and the pursuit of fashion, the existing belts are also more and more, the waist belt design is more and more personalized, and the style is more and more abundant.

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