What kind of printing webbing?

  What kind of printing webbing?

  The printing webbing is made of various kinds of yarns as raw materials. It is widely used in garment and garment industry, Industry, and so on. 30s of last century, printing webbing are produced by hand workshop, the most original material for cotton, twine and other agricultural textile lines. Until the establishment of new China, for the production of printing webbing with a relatively large number of varieties of raw materials, such as nylon, vinylon, polyester webbing, polypropylene, spandex, viscose, etc., in the production of printing webbing on the one-stop production line has formed three Large class of technology, weaving, knitting, knitting the three major categories of technology. The structure of the fabric is not thousands of times, can be divided into many types, plain, twill, satin, jacquard webbing, double, multi-layer, tubular and joint organization and others.

  1, waterproof printing webbing: generally there are water droplets in the printing webbing, will not let the webbing to absorb water, but the water condensed into water droplets do not penetrate the function of the webbing. This printing webbing processing is mainly used with polyester belt, nylon belt, pp tape. And this webbing is mainly used for tents, jackets and other outdoor products.

  2, fire retardant printing webbing: printing webbing in the fire after burning, leaving 10 seconds after the automatic extinguishment. So this printing webbing is called fireproof webbing, itself has a high temperature, fire effects, can be negative 196 degrees to 204 degrees in the temperature range of continuous use without significant changes or damage. Such products are mainly used for fire service, fire service and other life-saving equipment or fire equipment.

  3, abrasion-resistant printing webbing: commonly used in the webbing requirements of high product support, such as outdoor personal safety belts, printing belts commonly used stone and other sharp objects contact, this time in order to protect the human body safety, so the printing webbing friction requirements The

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