What pay attention to when dyeing webbing?

Nylon Stretch Webbing.jpgThe webbing should first pay attention to whether the yarns used are the same batch, because different batches of yarns are different, such as blending, it will become the color of the dyeing process; secondly, whether the webbing preforms have been pretreated, after refining The dyeing effect of the raw billet is very good, because the dye can be directly dyed with the fiber after the treatment, without protection.

After the pre-treatment and padding dyeing process, the ribbon is generally subjected to infrared pre-baking treatment before entering the color-developing box to prevent the dye migration phenomenon during the drying process, and to avoid dyeing of the color flower and the color difference between the front and the back. When the infrared pre-baking temperature is lower than 80 °C, the color difference between the front and back of the webbing is large, and it is difficult to meet the customer's use requirements. When the infrared pre-baking temperature reaches 100 ° C or more, the chromatic aberration of the front and back of the webbing is greatly improved. This is because when the pre-baking reaches 100 ° C or above, the moisture of the webbing is substantially evaporated, which greatly reduces the possibility of dye migration.

The uniformity of the fixing temperature of the baking box plays a key role in controlling the color difference of the webbing. After the ribbon is pre-baked by infrared ray and then enters the baking oven, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is consistent, otherwise a significant chromatic aberration will occur. Tests have shown that the difference in temperature between the left and right of the baking box exceeds 2 ° C, and the color of the webbing changes significantly. Therefore, the dyeing production must ensure that the temperature of the baking oven is uniform.