Why is important of the outdoor belt?

Outdoor Belts.jpgMountain climbers know the important role of the belt, so is it not necessary for ordinary outdoor hiking? The answer is no, not only necessary but also necessary. Everyone may have seen some movies, especially war movies. When a comrade-in-arms is injured in a battle, the rescuers can quickly move the injured person out of the danger zone through the outdoor belt on the injured soldier. Imagine if you only scratch the injured. The collar or the sleeves or the limbs, I am afraid that it is impossible to move the injured quickly. Another important function of the outdoor belt besides the fixed pants and the hanging device is the seat belt function. In an emergency, it is impossible to quickly judge the injured person. In the injured area, the position where the injured person falls to the ground is definitely a dangerous position. At this time, it is necessary to quickly find a fixed function on the injured person, and bring the injured person to a safe place for timely rescue.

Of course, there is no possibility of a scene in a war movie in outdoor activities, but similar situations may occur, such as a slip in the process of crossing, a creek, climbing, etc., if every participating friend is tied with a strong The outdoor belt is undoubtedly equal to one more safety tool and one more safety guarantee. When you meet the river, you can use the carabiner to link directly with your outdoor belt. In the relatively large rapids, only the hand can't control it, so even if it is in the process of crossing the river, there is at least one layer of protection. . Also in the process of overturning, the outdoor belt needs to be fixed and protected when climbing. In the rescue, the role of the outdoor belt is more important.