How Is The Printing Webbing Printed Out?

  How is the printing webbing printed out?

  Many people want to know the printing factory printing printing is what kind of? webbing printing factory is how to print out the webbing? Here I am printing factory printing printing a simple introduction to the webbing printing for a rough explanation, so that you understand the printing factory printing and printing work steps which.

  Generally speaking, the printing webbing factory refers to the printing of the above pattern of textile manufacturers, such as clothing above, or cloth, webbing and other above the use of white pulp or white paste inside the addition of other colors, such as fluorescent , Laser powder, silicone, etc., for printing and printing a variety of patterns, patterns, specific cartoon patterns, peony flowers, roses, Chinese characters or English letters logo, etc., the term is called fluorescent printing, transfer printing or screen Printing, silicone printing and so on.

  That is, the printing plant in the need for processing and printing, by the color master according to the sample size of the sample provided by the customer split, decomposition, identify the specific pattern of how many rules of color composition, and then draw a specific outline Graphics, to produce a film, by the film using a series of principles such as photographic process to produce printable screen printing screen box.

  At the same time, the color palette master according to the customer to provide the logo pattern logo, the accuracy of the color, that is, the need to prepare the printing of printing ink slurry, the ink slurry must have a certain degree of adhesive fastness, After scraping, grinding, rubbing, washing, etc. may cause the pattern to change the shape, can still maintain the color effect to be expressed.