How To Find The Correct Webbing Supplier

Weaver (Xiamen) Textile CO., Ltd, the factory is founded in 1983, we have the certificate of ISO9001-2008, here in Xiamen, it’s the sales center.

Our factory is covering an area of 20000 square meters, with more than 200workers.

There are 600sets webbing loom, jacquard webbing machine 20sets, 9sets dyeing ling,

In China, we are the biggest webbing factory, the average production value is 3000T per year. Per month will make shipment of 200T.

Our major products are nylon heavy duty webbing, nylon light webbing, polyester webbing, binding tape, military waist belt webbing, jacquard webbing, Kevlar webbing, UHMWPE WEBBING(Dyneema webbing), nomex webbing and some customized webbing.

Why you can choose us? because here we make sample only 3-5days, production only 12-15ays, we have professional sales person with more than 5years experience, who can give you professional advice and make plan for you. Here there is no communication problem.

By the way, we also can help you to do deep production, such as punch, laser cut, sewing. We have 4set laser cut machine, 50sets computer sewing machine.

Find good quality webbing and service, please contact with WEAVER!

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