How To Find The UHMWPE Webbing Supplier

How to find the UHMWPE webbing supplier? Weaver Textile is your informed choice. 

Why I say so? Because the below points:

1, Weaver Textile has variety colors of the dyneema yarn. 

2, We accept small minimum order quantity, 50meters or 100meters can be done too. 

3, We can do the thinnest webbing in 0.35mm, with lightest weight only 2g/feet or even lower. 

4, Sample leadtime only 3-5days. 

5, Production time only 10-12days. 

6, Freedom payment, by bank, PayPal or Westen Union....

7, Easy to conmunication. 

8, Value addes service, such as punch the hole, sewing, hot cut and etc. 

FYI, except for the UHMWPE webbing, we also have uhmwpe rope, nomex binding tape, Meta aramid webbing, Kevlar webbing, tubular webbing, the lightest webbing, thinnest tape, cheapest web. 

We also have the finished straps, such as the tactial waist belt, militatry belt, tender belt, polyester strap, dog produdts, custom strap and etc. 

Welcome your inquiry, be replied within 4hours!

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