How To Save your Cost

How to save your cost, it’s a twice told topic.

But today I want to tell you that Weaver Textile is doing this as our mission.

In the year 2018, it’s a difficult year for the foreign trade company in China.

The raw material is keeping increased the prices, the devaluation of the US dollar and the increased labor cost. We have to raise the prices, but the customers don’t want to.

In order to continue to provide the good service and high class webbing and web straps to all of our customers. Weaver Textile is focus on new technology, equipment and one stop shopping.

Here in Weaver, our sample lead time is only 3-7days, some samples are free of charge, the production time is only 12-15days, and we have the Value-added service of sewing, cut and customized, we also can help you to find the related product to make shipment together. In one word, here you can save lots of time and labor cost. Time and labor cost are Money!

Weaver Textile can make the nylon webbing, polyester webbing, PP webbing, Kevlar webbing, Nomex webbing, POB webbing, dyneema webbing….., we also can make the pet collar and leash, K9 vest, K9 dog leash and different kinds of web belts and web straps. One inquiry can meet all your requirement!

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