K9 Dog Story

K9 in the United States, Russia and other countries, is a very popular word. In fact, "K9" refers to the police dogs and attack dogs.

The is a period of history of the word, when the second world war, the United States saw the dogs playing a huge role in the battlefield during the first world war, and began to build their own special forces with 20000 dogs, used for sentry, mine detection, guard and other military tasks. But,how to name the troop? Then someone had the dog of the English word of Canine homophonic K9. This number is popular among officials and the public, soon become faddish.

Some police departments and training base in the United States are using K9. In addition, the excellent performance of dogs will be awarded the Medal of Honor.

In Russia, in charge of search and rescue mission K9 German shepherd's body will be hang an armbands, armbands with two Russian, respectively is Russianemergency department - active duty shepherd search and rescue team.

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