Men's Waist Belts Selection Tips

  Men's Waist Belts selection tips

  Male friends often forget how important the Waist Belts, right? Waist Belts in the texture above will show a different dress grade, sometimes the Waist Belts can not let the body ratio is cut off the situation caused by uncoordinated.

  Women's Waist Belts to pursue a complex design sense, and the male Waist Belts is brewing introverted texture, but also to bring out an important role in wear and tear.

  Usually the Waist Belts is purchased at a width of 2.5 to 3.5 cm for the best ratio. The standard Waist Belts size, based on the center of the hole, should have a length of about two feet.

  The color to brown or black-based, and you wear the shoes of the color match is appropriate.

  If it is casual wear, low-key brown Waist Belts is the key to your little extra points, must not take away the body with the glory.

  Buckle ring can choose a simple neat shape, will appear more modern fashion, if you want to point up in the Waist Belts embossed or carved changes in the choice of attention will not be too old-fashioned problem.

  Waist Belts width in principle is in accordance with the hip and hip size of the decision, in the choice of appearance for their own at the same time must pay attention to the size of the size.

  Width of less than 3 cm of the Waist Belts, you can reduce the cut from the visual experience, of course, in the choice of the color of the Waist Belts with the body of the contrast is also very important, clearer cutting will be more obvious body.

  Leisure Waist Belts can let you boldly let go, in addition to the choice of leather can also be canvas and so on, there are also a variety of styles on the choice, like carved weaving.

  Not only that, but also in the choice of color and width are also unfettered.

  Can not think of today to dress with what Waist Belts, you choose the basic section of deep brown Waist Belts, whether with suits, tannins, and even white trousers, are security cards, almost no mistakes.

  Do not need to create a formal sense, so you can not with their own shoes with color, not the same color changes, not only a sense of leisure, but also allows you to match with nature.

  Woven Waist Belts with white casual shoes, put on jeans will make you not so formal stereotypes.

  The best clothes to expose the Waist Belts, the clothes hem swing, exposing the Waist Belts, everyone on your legs will immediately change.