Nylon Webbing Feel Harder Solution

  Nylon Webbing feel harder solution

  Webbing production will encounter a variety of problems. Color, fancy, color flowers, specifications do not match, dirty, soft and hard does not match, jump yarn, two-sided color, and so on a variety of common problems, soft and hardness problems are relatively small, the general customers rarely require Webbing feel Soft and hard requirements of the general is 0.32mm thick body sideband, 0.45mm hard hard sideband, unless the customer has special requirements, generally according to the regular product thickness. This small series with you talk about nylon Webbing feel hard problem solution:

  Nylon Webbing in the feel of a certain stress, then how can we do it? How to make the nylon Webbing feel hard, there are two solutions:

  1. It is hard to keep the weft density so that the production will be reduced.

  2. You can glue the stereotypes so on the line, so the cost will be higher.

  Nylon Webbing that is nylon mesh, feel soft and smooth, bright colors, the daylight fastness, friction fastness, heavy metals, sweat saliva, washing fastness and other quality and related standards, the professional sector testing, reached the international level.

  Nylon Webbing for high-end gift strap, packaging gift boxes, straps, straps, belts, handbags, luggage, car seat belts, clothing, trademarks, pet supplies and other accessories, many brands at home and abroad are widely used.