Printing Webbing Industry Widely Popular And Loved

  Printing webbing industry widely popular and loved

  Printing webbing in the webbing industry is a relatively common application of a wide range of webbing, the emergence of printing webbing to the webbing industry is not monotonous, so that the webbing industry added a new color.

  With the popularity of network technology more and more people want to use computers and other means to make daily life more convenient, fast, efficient and beautiful. Printed webbing woven through the computer jacquard weaving machine, first through the computer design drawing, and then the design drawings into the computer printing webbing machine program, after debugging can be woven. According to the different technology can be divided into mention and latitude to mention two categories, the jacquard belt pattern relative to a single, latitude of the pattern is more beautiful, strong sense of hierarchy, color is more beautiful, often more suitable for large-scale clothing design and other occasions. With the modern aesthetic concept of change, printing webbing more widely used, became a fashion, trendy synonymous, and because the jacquard belt pattern fine, feel good, durable wear, color fastness and other advantages, the current clothing shoes and hats, High-grade luggage straps, belts, straps and other areas have been widely popular and loved.

  1. Word with a pipa buckle

  Pipa deduction is one of the most popular applications in traditional Chinese decoration. In the buckle of clothing, it is perfect shape, generous, full of decorative and practical. Knitting simple, multi-purpose fabric, rope knot made, but also on this basis for decoration.

  Knot, the rope by "8" -shaped to the coiled, and timely fixed with a needle to prevent scattered. After the completion of the rope will be hidden behind the knot.

  2, algae well knot

  Algae is derived from the pattern of Chinese ancient algae and pattern. Algae and patterns are usually based on a central pattern, surrounded by symmetrical, balanced and layers surrounded by the formation of a decorative whole. Algae well is a reference to this form, the form of complete, thick, you can repeatedly knot combination.

  Repair flowers refers to the process of adding and subtracting sweater, sweater weaving process, directly woven into the shirt without cutting, and therefore must be added side by side to reduce the need to reduce the needle is the two sides into the yarn Needle, after the weaving will be empty after the needle out of the needle, plus the needle is in the weaving process on both sides of the top of the number of how the needle, by reducing the width of the cloth can be gradually smaller, Can make cloth width gradually become larger, for example: 2-1-5 is that each side of the two sides minus one needle, so repeat five times, add and subtract the needle can be divided into repair flowers and repair side flowers, Repair the edge of flowers is reduced by a few branches with a few Pa, repair flowers can be seen after the repair of flowers in the edge of the cloth, and repair side of the flower is the need to cut the needle when the needle, Number plus number of edges. For example: the requirements of the three sides of the clip, minus a needle with five Pa, repair flowers can be seen after the embroidery in the edge of the cloth in the fourth needle position.