The Difference Between Nylon Webbing And Polyester Webbing

Happy Women’s Day!


Today I want to talk about the different of nylon webbing and the polyester webbing.


I think many customers have the confusion of the two kinds of material.

Firstly, we need to know the real nylon webbing, the real nylon, when you burn it, the smoke is white and when you smell it, it’s similar as celery’s smelling. The polyester’s smoke is black.


The nylon webbing there are many kinds from the raw material, there are high tenacity nylon, nylon 66 and common nylon. The polyester webbing, there are common polyester and high tenacity polyester. So there are much different of prices.


Moreover, there is a kind of fake nylon webbing, if you are not an expert, from the outside, you can’t recognize the difference. There is easy way, burn it and look the smoke. This is why customer ask why who’s nylon webbing price is lower than ours.


When you get clear the raw material difference of nylon and polyester, I want to tell the functional of the nylon webbing and polyester webbing.


The nylon webbing also called polyamide webbing, it’s mostly used on bags, army vests, pet products, heavy duty waist belts and so on, because it’s soft, good hand feeling, colorfully.


The polyester webbing, in our company, most of customers order from us are high tenacity polyester webbing, such kind of webbing is a good choice for military bags, military vest, outdoor and safety straps, because it’s anti-UV, good high tensile strength and can be done heat transferred printing webbing of cam printing and customized printed webbing. The price is lower than nylon.

The high tenacity nylon and nylon 66 are mostly used in high class items such as military products, aviation and outdoor safety equipment.


So, there is no good material or bad material, but there is suitable material for your product. Chose the correct material for your product is the wise move!


Weaver(Xiamen) Textile Co., Ltd welcome your enquiry and we are glad to suggest the correct webbings to you with the favorable prices.

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