The Method Of Preventing Moisture From Nylon Webbing

  The method of preventing moisture from nylon webbing

  1, to do is certainly the main prevention. Often let the ribbon factory ventilation, the sun, so that the sun sun, is the best.

  2, when the wet weather comes, we must put every window of the warehouse closed, especially the south of the window, can not let the wet sneak into.

  3, we can also use some scientific and technological means, is the use of dehumidified appliances to reduce the indoor air humidity. Generally some air conditioning is also dehumidification function. Generally this method is relatively slow, can not play an immediate dehumidification effect.

  4, is in the ribbon store hang some desiccant, and this can go to the supermarket to buy for the moisture dehumidification desiccant.

  5, is to buy a moisture-proof cabinet to the ribbon, and put into safety. But this general cost is relatively high, the general small ribbon factory also do not need to use this method.

  What is a nylon ribbon? Nylon nylon, also known as nylon, nylon ribbon mainly by the nylon filament, nylon profiled bright wire, nylon high-elastic wire, nylon semi-extinction silk and other materials through the preparation of the ribbon machine. Nylon ribbon classification: According to the lines can be divided into flat pattern, word pattern, jacquard lines, satin, rib, grid pattern, round dot pattern, the current nylon belt on the market are more high-end ribbon.

  Nylon webbing features

  Imported nylon nylon fabric, colorful, feel good. In the dry and wet conditions, flexibility and wear resistance are good, stable size, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, easy to fold, easy to wash, quick to dry features, mainly used in women's clothing, belts, belts, cotton Bags and other products. At the same time can be special fixing, jacquard, thermal transfer, softening, etc., can also be processed according to customer requirements of various nylon ribbon. High strength, easy to break, poor hygroscopicity, poor elasticity, strong dyeing performance, low temperature (60 ℃) can be colored, but poor light resistance, regular light color will change and strength will decline, shrinkage, burning white Smoke, smell of ammonia, more smelly, taste very unpleasant.

  Use of nylon webbing

  Nylon ribbon is used in clothing apparel, shoes and hats, luggage, belts, cotton bags, toys, handbags, craft, cars, sporting goods, medical equipment and other fields, the use of a wide range of market demand is very large.