Why The ProductionOf The Printing Webbing Is slow

There are several reasons why the production efficiency of the printing webbing is low

webbing manufacturers If the company is large, the distribution of personnel is not in place, not enough work will not only lead to work efficiency, and product quality will also be questioned, printing webbing then the webbing manufacturers how to deal with the low efficiency of webbing products with everyone to analyze:

There are many reasons for the low efficiency of printing webbing production, the following summary for some reference:

1. Production of small and medium-sized more, and the need for urgent production, material is different, need to first version.

2. If the staff is not sufficient to see a person to see a total of seven or eight machines, affecting the boot speed.

3. To improve the efficiency of printing version, printing webbing reduce the production of large cargo to send version.

4. Embryonic cotton belt appeared abnormal point after the emergence of no standard is good, should be published in a standard written, the new students to better study.

5. The production process skills methods need to be based on product analysis, assessment, to ensure the effectiveness and rationality.

6. Strict implementation of the process, printing webbing looking at the machine, check the tape regularly.

7. Large goods before the production of the rational process (sample and the sample difference is large, not put into production)

8. Production continue to check with the first version of OK OK products to ensure that the goods version of consistency.

9. Polyester fabric produced after the goods inspection department to check whether there is no back hair, pressed hair, fluffy to keep the control version.

10. Dyeing Print webbing The color fastness report should be submitted to the packing workshop with the product to determine OK.

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