Waist Belts Is More Important Is The Decorative Effect.

  Waist Belts is more important is the decorative effect.

  Men's Waist Beltss are generally more single, mostly leather texture, not too much decoration. Wear suits, should tie the Waist Belts; and other clothing (such as sports, casual wear) can not tie. Summer wear shirt and tie the shirt to the time, but also tied the Waist Belts. Ms.'s Waist Belts is very rich, the texture of leather, knitted fabric, other textiles, pure decorative occasions more; style is also varied. Summer is also showing you colorful season! Let us together to find out about the choice of the Waist Belts when the note it

  Coordination with

  Including clothing styles and colors, such as wearing a suit skirt general selection of leather or textile, pattern less Waist Belts, and clothing and dignified style with, if two or even a soft cloth dress, the Waist Belts of choice; Dark clothing do not use light-colored Waist Belts, unless the need for correction of the body.

  Fit with body

  Such as tall too thin, you can use a more prominent Waist Belts, forming a horizontal line, split, increase the width of the lateral; if the upper body is short, can be appropriate to improve the Waist Belts to the appropriate upper and lower body proportion line, resulting in better visual effects ; If the body is too chunky, we must avoid the use of large, pattern more Waist Belts buckle (knot), do not use wide Waist Belts.

  Occasions coordination

  Careers do not use too much decoration of the Waist Belts, but to look neat; to participate in the dinner, the ball, the Waist Belts can be fancy.

  Regardless of men and women, tie the Waist Belts must pay attention: go out to see if your Waist Belts is appropriate, the Waist Belts is not "abnormal", in public or other people in front of moving Waist Belts is not appropriate; in the meal, Belly, this is neither polite nor unsightly; if necessary, you can get up to the bathroom to order.

  Collocation method

  Perfect waist line is to create a woman S curve of the basic point of the Waist Belts's eye-catching role of course, can not be underestimated. More and more fashionable Waist Belts seems to have gradually from the "corner" out, play more and more powerful fashion effect and trend effect, or as embellishment, or as the whole shape of the main event, a trendy fashion dress with a Waist Belts modification , Seems to be more out of the extra fashion charm. More metal elements of the use of hollowing out of the material to change the interpretation of a new round of tough and minimalist wave, and practical waist, optimize the body function has long been playing it to swallow.

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