What Are The Differences Between The Printed Webbing Material?

  What are the differences between the printed webbing material?

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  Here we come to the daily use of the printing webbing material difference, a certain degree of interpretation, so that users of printing webbing products have more understanding:

  In general, the production process of nylon printing webbing is the first after dyeing, cut the color of the yarn due to uneven dyeing will be the color of the white yarn, as the PP webbing in the production process, the first material will be dyed, and then And then the preparation, and then use the process will not always be a white yarn phenomenon.

  Printing webbing

  Two kinds of printing webbing in the case of contrast, nylon webbing than the PP woven with a shiny and soft, through our burning material, you can easily distinguish the material of the printing webbing.

  General nylon printing webbing price is higher than the PP webbing, multi-long webbing is more soft, and dull. Acrylic printing belt made of special multi-dragon and cotton material composition.

  Through the above description, we should be on the daily life of the printing webbing material and related information with a simple understanding, if you want to get more information, or heart of our products, then contact us, we will Give you all the questions, make patient and meticulous answers, so that you are more at ease with our products.