What Are The Excellent Features Of The Nylon Webbing?

  What are the excellent features of the nylon webbing?

  Nylon Webbing in the material classification of the best quality, then he has what excellent features, widely we like, in what areas?

  Nylon nylon, also known as nylon, nylon Webbing mainly by the nylon filament, nylon profiled bright wire, nylon high-elastic wire, nylon semi-extinction silk and other materials through the preparation of the Webbing machine. Its lines may be divided into flat pattern, herringbone pattern, jacquard lines, satin, rib, lattice pattern, round dot pattern, etc., the current market is quoted on the nylon Webbing in the more high-end Webbing.

  Export nylon Webbing material, wonderful color, feel good. In the dry and wet environment, flexibility and wear resistance are good, size is strong, shrinkage is small, with a special, not easy to fold, easy to wash, quick to dry personality, mainly used in women's clothing, belts, belts, cotton Woven bags and other products. At the same time may be special fixing, jacquard, thermal transfer, softening, etc., can also apply for customers to apply all kinds of nylon Webbing.

  Nylon Webbing with high strength, not easy to break, poor hygroscopicity, poor elasticity, dyeing and other strong personality, at low temperature (60 ℃) can be colored, but poor light resistance, regular light color will change and strength will fall, there is shrinkage , Burning white smoke, there are ammonia (more smelly, taste very unpleasant).